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Breaking News: W3C Automotive Ontology Community Group

On May 8, 2015, we founded a W3C Community Group. In the coming weeks, we will gradually migrate this informal working group into that framework. This will provide a much more reliable legal and organizational environment for our work. Stay tuned!

Aim and Scope

The Automotive Ontology Working Group is an informal group of individuals and corporations who want to advance the use of shared conceptual structures in the form of Web ontologies for better data interoperability in the automotive industry, and this at Web scale. In particular, we want to develop
  • extension proposals for so that automotive information can be better understood by search engines and
  • OWL Web ontologies for the automotive industry.
Also, we want to provide a forum for bringing together researchers and practitioners who are working on advancing the field.

Licensing and Terms of Contributions

By contributing to this group, you grant a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license on all your contributions. All published deliverables by the group are also released under this license.

Deliverables and Planned Work

Number Description Status Link (if available)
D01 GAO Core: A fundamental ontology for vehicle information in e-commerce Ongoing W3C Wiki
D02 GAO Compatibility: A ontology for vehicle configuration information. Planned N/A
D03 GAO Vehicle Lifetime Information: A ontology for vehicle life-time information. Planned N/A
D04 GAO Vehicle Data Backbone: An ontology for information interchange within a vehicle, between vehicles, and between vehicles and their external entities. Planned N/A


For discussions etc., please use the group's Google Plus community at

Joining the Working Group

If you are interested in joining the working group, simply send an e-mail to mheppATcomputerDOTorg.


General Chairs


For the moment, we have a very informal notion of membership, based on the group's Google Plus community. For a list of all members of, see


Prof. Dr. Martin Hepp

Hepp Research GmbH
Kuppelnaustrasse 5
D-88212 Ravensburg

Phone: +49 751 2708 5256-0
Twitter: @mfhepp

Dr. Mirek Sopek

CS Inc..
1115 NW 4th St
Gainesville , FL 32601

Phone: +1 551 226 5488 (US), +44 7408 839825 (UK), +48 732 407632 (PL)
Twitter: @sopekmir

Karol Szczepański

Makolab S.A.
Demokratyczna 46
Łódź 93-430

Phone: +48 42 6837468